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Thailand, part I over columns. 


Ants, they got rid of a large obstable we introduced in their path in less than 1 min.

Wat Suthat



In another pick-up

An elephant scorpion

Bangkok, in a tuk-tuk


The trails carries on, on the other side..

Getting there just before dark

Butterfly, camouflage


Hat Yai, after heavy rain

Sunset at Songkla, through sunglasses

Essential shopping for buddhist


The trails are not always easy to follow

Mechanical testing

Thai wedding ceremony


Evening reception

Walking in Thale Ban National Park

Philippe and myself


The couple, and 2 of the nine monks required for the ceremony, after which they are offered lunch.

A golden orb, these buggers have a nasty tendency to make their webs at face height.

Tropical forest


Welcoming the guests.

Our driver to Thale Ban National Park, who misunderstood us and dropped us at the malaysian border.

Flying to the south (Hat Yai)


More of it

A centipede.

En route to Khao Yai


Another golden orb, which I only spotted at 5 cm from my nose.

With scale marker.

One of the doors of the temple.


Macaques are found close to the roads.

Not so easy.

More tropical forest


Fuel station.


Hitch-hiking, in the back of a pick-up.

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