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The HIT campus and around. over columns. 



St Sofia's church, russian style, early 20th century.

First dinner near HIT (Harbin Institute of Technology).


Shops near HIT.

When it is too expensive to remove the snow from the streets, it is piled on the road for the car to compact.

In the hotel, my room as no less than 3 windows (double inside, single outside). Anything I put in between them froze in a few hours.


The river, frozen !

Black snow.

On the streets of Harbin.


Ice penguins.

The snow/ice never melts during the winter (average temperature -17 C) so is piled up wherever possible. It also accumulates dust generated by the heaters burning coal.

Smoke from the heaters in the campus.


View from the office, late afternoon.

One of the many dining halls for students. Students can dine there for a few yuens. Most live in the university dorms (6 per room for master students and 4 for PhDs) where they cannot cook. Few students live outside the campus, although this is now a possibility.

Pr. Yanhong Wei's group.


Hot water, the hose is more than 1 m long, this waiter's only task is re-filling tea cups.

A model of HIT.

Morning at HIT, breaking the ice on the road.


Ice shop, only in winter !

A thick ice layer on the outside window.


Chinese stone seal made by Yanli

plane from Beijing to Harbin

Central Harbin.

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