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Date of Birth: 21st July 1974

Work experience

Ascometal, CREAS, 2006-, Section manager of the metallurgy research group in Ascometal's research centre.

TWI, 2005-2006, Project Leader: steel and welds performance in sour environment, welding metallurgy, etc

University of Cambridge, 2002-2004, Research Assistant in the Department of Materials Science and Metallurgy, project funded by Innogy Plc.


University of Cambridge, 1998-2002, PhD student in the Department of Materials Science and Metallurgy, project funded by Innogy Plc. and supervised by Pr. H.K.D.H Bhadeshia, F.R.S.

EUDIL (Ecole Universitaire D'ingénieurs de Lille, France), 1995-1998. Diplôme d'ingénieur (equivalent of an M.Phil.), specialisation in materials science, best student.

USTL (Université des sciences et technologies de Lille), 1997-1998 D.E.A (Diplôme d' Etudes Approfondies) (in parallel with above degree), in solid state physics, best student.

Research projects

Post-doctoral project: multicomponent, multiphase modelling of microstructural evolution in the vicinity of TBC (thermal barrier coating) in superalloys gas turbine blades.

PhD project: physical modelling of precipitation sequences in austenitic stainless steels, accounting for multiphase, multicomponent effects; neural network modelling of mechanical properties. The project also includes the experimental study of aged NF709 (TEM, SEM, etc...)

Austempered Ductile Iron (6 months project): experimental study of the bainite formation in ADI.

Plasticity of garnets (6 months project): influence of Ca on the plasticity of garnet, study of dislocations (LACBED) in samples deformed using a diamond anvil cell.


I have been involved in teaching since the beginning of my PhD in the department, where I have demonstrated to Part IB students for three years, and supervised Part IA students for two years.

I have also demonstrated for the MPhil modelling course (use of MT-DATA for thermodynamic calculations and neural network modelling), and participated in the supervision of a Part III team project, and a MPhil team project.


Best student each year, and overall, for my two degrees in materials science and solid state physics.

Institute of Materials prize for my literature review, subsequently published.


There is a full list of publications here, where you can also download the papers.

Software and data published on MAP:
MAP_STEEL_CREEP_LIFE_AUSTENITIC (neural network model)
MAP_DATA_ADI_KINETIC (kinetics of bainite formation in ADI)

Other skills and activities

Foundation in 2000, with S.L.Harsha, of Neuromat Ltd, creation of graphical user interfaces for existing physical and empirical models, offers on demand creation of neural network models. In charge of Linux/Unix software, acting as director.
Computer skills: familiar with FORTRAN, C, Tcl/Tk. Experienced Linux system administrator, some knowledge of UNIX (Solaris) and NT administration. Web authoring (familiar with HTML and Javascript): the various pages I have created can be found here.
Languages: fluent in english, I also speak, read and understand italian, I have some basis in german.
Sports: rowing (Darwin College Ist men), I am involved in running the Darwin College Boat Club. I am also a 5th kyu in Shotokan Karate.

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