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As visible in the temperature and pressure profile on the last page, the conditions in the gas turbine vary widely. Different materials are therefore chose for different parts, as illustrated below:

Materials used in different components of a jet engine

The different materials used in a Rolls-Royce jet engine. In blue, titanium is ideal for its strength and density, but not at high temperatures, where it is replaced by nickel-based superalloys (red). In orange: steel used for the static parts of the compressor.
Image courtesy Michael Cervenka, Rolls-Royce

In this case, 'low temperature' blades are made of titanium alloys, while high temperature components use Ni-base superalloys. The most severe conditions are met in the first row of the turbine. The entry temperature is around 1400 oC. Temperatures are kept lower at the surface of the blade because of the cooling system (ceramic surface approaching 1100 oC), and the thermal coat takes another 1-200 oC leading to a metal temperature in the vicinity of 930 oC.

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