Dorothy's leaving party, 18th of May 2001

In the Hogshead, clockwise: Lee, Chris, Matthew's back, ?, Dot, Toshi, Enda, Carlos, Miguel, Daniel. Dot opening her presents, Hiroki posing very seriously.
Whatever you say will be repeated, amplified, deformed... nice toy. Miguel, Angélique, Dominique, Matthew, Enda and Ananth's hair.
Hiroki, the last samurai. Dot showing a card trick.
Trying to understand what Toshi wrote.. Enda, Ananth, Toshi, Carlos, Shingo and Hiroki
A new boy's band is born. Carlos's got a really soft point for Hiroki.
I told you.. Pedro, smiling.
Miguel, smiling, more. A strong flash is as good as any toothpaste isn't it ?